We are steadily engaged in understanding signals and feeble needs of customers (without never forgetting that our first customer is the patient) to understand what they need. We will look for it, we will find it and we will make it available.

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S.T.A.R. System

Indications:Disposable mini pad S.T.A.R. System can be used in videoendoscopic surgery (laparoscopy and ...

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The improvement of the assistance to the patient in a context of sustainable costs requires adaptation, innovation, spacialization and flexibility.

The guidelines on which the health care to the patient develops are cure's outsourcing, the creation of specialized multipurpose and multdisciplinary hospital and territorial structures, the centralization of logistics and purchases of goods and services under istitutional control, the costant revision of the value added of products/services and the consequent revision of the costs to fund the innovation.

Innovation, specialization, adaptation and flexibility are the new pillars on which to establish the health firm to be interactive partner of the istitutions along this way to the change.

The creative execellence of the italian research at planning and achieving avanguard therapeutics solutions it's an absolute value to consolidate at national level and to export at international level.