We are steadily engaged in understanding signals and feeble needs of customers (without never forgetting that our first customer is the patient) to understand what they need. We will look for it, we will find it and we will make it available.

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S.T.A.R. System

Indications:Disposable mini pad S.T.A.R. System can be used in videoendoscopic surgery (laparoscopy and ...

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About us

We are an italian firm born of the bet, the engagement and the challenge of some managers coming from the health's world that deals with pubblic and private hospitality's field in Italy and abroad.

The bet is to become a commercial datum point and a bridge towards the marketplace for the Italian and foreign research that, because of small dimensions or small relations network, has difficulty in imposing their own innovative products on market.

The engagement is to find innovative and exclusive solutions and products which are able to solve existing needs but not yet perceived or unsolved from the offers of multinational companies dealing with this sector, that consider the dimension of the market the discriminating factor for the decision of commercialize a new therapeutic or diagnostics proposal.

The challenge is to built a big italian industrial reality able to compete for the leadership of the market in which acts, knowing how to catalyze and attract the creative world of small firms of the sector, italian ed foreign, to develop together a laboratory of ideas able to renew and increase costantly.