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S.T.A.R. System

Indications:Disposable mini pad S.T.A.R. System can be used in videoendoscopic surgery (laparoscopy and ...

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S.T.A.R. System

Disposable mini pad S.T.A.R. System can be used in videoendoscopic surgery (laparoscopy and thoracoscopy).

S.T.A.R. System is a multi-fuctional desposable pad that, in laparoscopic surgery, allows to keep clean the operating field providing an optimal optic vision.


S.T.A.R System is a multi-fuctional pad for laparoscopy.

S.T.A.R System guaratees to the operator:

High adsorbiment capacity of liquids and blood, up to 25 times your weight
Duration of tampon capacity up to 3 hours through aspiration of adsorbed fluid
Local mechanical haemostasis through compression of moderate venous bleeding in situ
Protection through interposition of exposed parts during surgical operation
Cellular and tissue's fragments filtration during suction of liquid avoiding the closing of aspirator's tip
Coadjuvant action during Floseal application
Facilitation of dissemination close to organs and delicate areas
Protection of parenchyma during eventual necessary actions of traction

S.T.A.R System is composed by a cylinder of release-recuperation with handle, containing the pad, a thread of anchorage and a radio-fishing buoy .

The piston of release-recuperation cylinder has a terminal hook to recuperate the pad/thread of anchorage/buoy unit into the cylinder .


Release-recuperation handle
radio-fishing buoy
Protection cap